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Born and raised in England, I moved to Southern California for two years… in 1998… and never left! Despite having a successful career as an immunologist, my creative side has always competed for attention and I have been an avid fiber arts fan since childhood.

Three years ago I left my job to travel and volunteer in New Zealand, South America and India. I returned changed by my experiences and ready to follow my heart and intuition. Felt Evolution is the result of that life decision.

Felt gets an undeserved bad rap (thanks little synthetic felt squares!). My mission with Felt Evolution is to give the oldest textile known to man the spotlight it deserves, creating as many new felters as possible along the way! Felt is an incredible fabric – natural, eco-friendly, warm, breathable, soft, malleable and naturally antimicrobial. The geeky scientist in me resurfaces every time I see the magical transformation of wool roving to felt! Traditionally-crafted felt is beautiful but nuno felting really elevates felt into an artform.

My design inspirations are numerous: the shapes of nature, a season, a mood, a painting, a challenge; but color is central to all my creations – I adore living life in color!

  • I love collaborating with clients to create a unique, personalized design.  Please contact me with any requests.
  • I am available to teach group and individual classes in traditional (wet) felting and nuno (laminated) felting.  Please contact me for details.
  • Wholesale orders will be considered. Please contact me with any requests.

Felt Evolution – Felt like you never felt before.

What is Traditional (Wet) Felting? Traditional (wet) felting is the process of creating a nonwoven fabric by matting together fine wool layers using moisture, soap, heat and pressure.

What is Nuno (or laminated) Felting? Nuno felting is the process of combining fine layers of wool with a pre-existing fabric (usually silk, cotton, or tulle).

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