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How to Make a Ruffle Scarf

IMG_3043 (386x800)
I had a lot of fun this weekend teaching a private workshop to Neda. She wanted to learn how to make a ruffle scarf….ah, those elusive ruffles! How is it done…it’s magic! She did an amazing job. Look at how she got on.

For the center we used some amazing organic merino that my lovely friend Janette sent me from her New Zealand wool company Briar Patch. It’s the lightest softest white merino I’ve ever used.

Neda picked a beautiful purple/gold color palette. She carefully laid out multiple wispy layers of fine merino wool roving.

Is it a bird? Is it a scarf? Is it a fluffy caterpillar?

Neda decorated the center of the ruffle scarf with some silk hankies.  The burnt orange really popped – I adore this color combo.

‘Silk hankies’ aren’t really used as hankies. Each hankie contains the silk from a single silk worm. They are super delicate but when added to felting produce a gorgeous sheen. The silk itself doesn’t felt. Neda ‘glued’ it by placing super fine (almost invisible) strands of wool roving on top of it. This tiny amount of roving felts to the base wool layer, trapping the silk into the felted design.

Sheer curtain fabric was used to protect the design.

We used a combination of physical rolling, and ‘sanding’. The vibrations from a handheld sander cause the wool roving to felt fast. (NOTE: if you plan to use a sander, make sure it is appropriately grounded, and cover your scarf with plastic so that the sander comes nowhere near any water!!).

After a lot of rolling, shaping, fulling and throwing, here is Neda with her fabulous first ruffle scarf.

I’m such a proud teacher! She did so well! It looks beautiful. It was a pleasure to teach her – we had a lot of fun, chat, music and laughter.

If you would like to learn to felt, I offer all kinds of workshops – check out ‘workshops’ and ‘brochure’ on the Felt Evolution website for workshop dates and descriptions.

Would you like to learn how to felt a ruffle scarf? You can! My ‘It’s Coming Up Roses’ Felted Ruffle Scarf instructional eBook is now available from the Felt Evolution website. Click here to take a look and buy!

It’s also available on Etsy. Click here to look and buy!

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about the author

Born and raised in England, I moved to Southern California for two years… in 1998… and never left! Despite having a successful career as an immunologist, my creative side has always competed for attention and I have been an avid fiber arts fan since childhood. My mission with Felt Evolution is to give the oldest textile known to man the spotlight it deserves, creating as many new felters as possible along the way!


  1. Caroline

    Hi Sara,

    Gorgeous scarf.

    How do you handle rolling such a long scarf from side to side? I totally understand changing length to length but have a hard time figuring out how you roll across the width.

    Many thanks from Canada


  2. Sara

    Hi Caroline

    For this particular scarf design I don’t roll across the width. I want to control where I roll (ie more in the center than the ruffles) and if I roll across the width I won’t be able to do that. However, should you want to, you can cover the scarf with .7 plastic drop cloth and fold it and roll it using a pool noodle. Change where you place the fold between rolls so you don’t ‘roll in’ a ridge. I hope that helps 🙂 I have an e-tutorial on the entire ruffle scarf process if you are interested: http://www.feltevolution.com/products-page/tutorials/coming-roses-felted-ruffle-scarf-instructions/
    happy felting!


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